Does that sound cheesy? I’m not sure. Doesn’t matter. Because - IT’S A WHISK(E)Y WONDERLAND.
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Friday, January 10th,2020
It’s a whisk(e)y wonderland. Does that sound cheesy? I’m not sure. Doesn’t matter. Because - IT’S A WHISK(E)Y WONDERLAND.

The Island new make Scotch we sourced is officially on the path towards maximum glory - or at least a few varieties of deliciousness.

1st, the Tribe chose to fill a 53 gallon used BOURBON barrel.

Scotland is putting their new make Scotch in used bourbon barrels all the time. But what happens when it’s aged in the heat of Texas? Only time will tell.

2nd, the Tribe chose to fill a 60 gallon JERKUM barrel with the new make Scotch.
Game on.

That’ll be an interesting experiment. A fruity Island whisky aged in a plum cider (jerkum) barrel? I’m hoping for a beautifully complex fruit bomb.

3rd, the Tribe chose to fill a 53 gallon RUM barrel with the new make.
Hell yah.

That could be a match made in heaven, or a weird Frankensteiny abomination.

With the remaining new make Scotch, the Crowded Barrel team filled a dozen or so 5 gallon new oak barrels.

If all goes well, that’ll deliver the character of new virgin oak (like American whiskey), alongside the fruitiness of Island Scotch, with the high speed impact of 5 gallon barrels.

Maybe it’s less of a wonderland and more of a whisk(e)y lab? Either way, I’m glad you MB’s are along for the ride.

Here’s to a gold colored future.

~The Magnificent Bastard

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