My shoes have holes in them. Not sure how or when it happened. But that’s where we are.
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Friday, January 17th,2020
My shoes have holes in them. Not sure how or when it happened. But that’s where we are.

I’m a little bothered by how much it doesn’t bother me. This is the kind of thing that would have kept me up all night as a kid.


Most of the important bits are still inside the shoe. That’s worth considering. And they’re already broken in. Am I supposed to just toss out that whole investment of time and start from scratch? Seems a bit extreme. Plus, I’m pretty handy with duck-tape and a knife. A little surgery could add years of life to my shoes.

These are the thoughts I’m having. But on the flip-side, willingly walking around with holey shoes feels like a line I shouldn’t cross. I’ve already converted to stretchy jeans, and the t-shirt collection overwhelmed the button-ups long ago. Let one more thing slip and I might as well go full-on neckbeard.

I never really learned the classy / fancy / gentlemanly stuff growing up. I know enough not to embarrass myself in a cloth napkin restaurant. But the world of bespoke suits, clever wallets and personal style is foreign to me. You know what I’m talking about. The GQ stuff - I think... Is GQ still a thing?

It’s a little late for resolutions, but maybe I strap on a bit of classy style shit in 2020. Maybe bring some MB’s along for the ride if you’re into rugged / fancy / mens lifestyle stuff. What do you think?

~ The Magnificent Bastard

P.S. Crowded Barrel is blending the second ever Texas whiskey blend. A mix of bourbon, Rye, and wheat whiskey. I sip. I love. I own.

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[+] Here’s How This Scottish Whisky Distillery Will Be 100% Green By 2025

The Bruichladdich Distillery Company is on the island of Islay, the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides off Scotland’s west coast. Bruichladdich distills three types of single malt whiskies and a gin.

And by 2025, the distillery intends to be 100% net zero. Here’s how.

French drinks giant Remy Cointreau bought the distillery in 2012. In March 2019, Bruichladdich announced it would distill, mature, and bottle its single malts only on Islay. It’s building new maltings, which will be operational by 2023. Malting its own barley on site using green energy will increase the distillery’s sustainability…


[+] Irish Whiskey Industry At A 120-Year High

The number of Irish whiskey distillers functioning in Ireland hit a 120-year high in 2019, with 31 up and running, that's a leap for just four at the start of the decade.

The Irish Whiskey Association report that 2019 was a banner year for Irish whiskey, seeing the number of Irish whiskey distilleries jump to a 120-year high of 31.

The number of Irish whiskey distilleries is now at the highest record seen since 1900. The Irish Whiskey Association told the Sunday Independent this was the most substantial increase since the 1820s. This jump, in the 1800s, was due to the 1823 Excise Act, reforming the licensing system…


[+] Innovative Distillers Are Making Smoky Whiskies (Just Don’t Call Them ‘Scotch’)

John Glaser, the self-titled "whiskymaker" at Compass Box in London, made his name with blended Scotch whisky. Many of Compass Box’s offerings have become cult items, like the super smoky Peat Monster, rich Hedonism and aptly named Spice Tree.

Why, then, would he mess with success and roll out new whiskies that aren’t actually Scotch?…

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