Barrels can be tricky. When they’re full of spirit, the wood swells and flexes into a tightly sealed monument to deliciousness.
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Friday, January 24th,2020
Barrels can be tricky. When they’re full of spirit, the wood swells and flexes into a tightly sealed monument to deliciousness.

Once emptied, they dry and shrivel as weeks turn into months. The heads shift around, metal hoops loosen, and a once proud barrel can slowly crumble into a sloppy pile of wood and metal.

But - if you’re able to tease a bit of life back into the oak, you can discover a cache of amazing flavors that were once thought lost.

Right now, the Crowded Barrel crew is attempting to rehydrate 2 old Laphroaig barrels. The wooden staves are packed with Scotchy flavor, but the barrels are dry - very dry. One barrel in particular is leaking rainwater as fast as it’s put in.

The game-plan? Completely submerge both barrels in rainwater for 2 days to help the wood tighten. Afterwards, we’ll decide what kind of voodoo stands between us and an amazing new whiskey aged in used Laphroaig barrels.

Rise up you dry bones, and claim the glory you once swore upon these raised glasses.

The Whisk(e)y Tribe commands it!

~ The Magnificent Bastard

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