In other (weird) news, Rex and Daniel were just nominated for this year’s Icons of Whisky award - by Whisky Magazine.
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Friday, January 31st,2020
In other (weird) news, Rex and Daniel were just nominated for this year’s Icons of Whisky award - by Whisky Magazine. They popped up in the Brand Innovator of the Year category.

That’s very cool, and a little surprising. Cool because it’s a prestigious award. Surprising because let’s face it, Tribe - our distillery’s brand is still small. The Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co. doesn’t even have a bottle on retail shelves yet!

A bit of context, last year’s "Category Winner" was Tullamore D.E.W., with Method and Madness grabbing 2019’s "Highly Commended" status.

Could the nomination have been aimed at the Whiskey Tribe, rather than Crowded Barrel? That could make sense because, you know - we’re Magnificent. But I see the Whiskey Tribe as more of a community venture than a "brand".

Dunno, I could be overthinking it. Even though our time and energy has always been aimed at whisk(e)y lovers over whisk(e)y makers, it’s nice to get a nod from people in the industry. Maybe they’re recognizing your growing role (as whiskey lovers) in the whiskey making process?

The lad’s don’t seem to have any hangups about winning or losing the category - an honor just to be nominated and all that. Either way, launching the world’s first crowd-sourced whiskey distillery alongside you Magnificent Bastards is turning into an amazing feather in our collective cap.

~ The Magnificent Bastard

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