First up, Crowded Barrel is releasing it’s 4th “Alliance Series” whiskey. This single barrel was mooched from the award winning Balcones distillery
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Friday, February 7th,2020
Brace yourself, MB. There are several rapid fire updates headed your way.

First up, Crowded Barrel is releasing it’s 4th "Alliance Series" whiskey. This single barrel was mooched from the award winning Balcones distillery in Waco, Texas. After Daniel’s tasting notes, the community voted to proof it from 130 to 120 and bottle it.

Speaking of Balcones, Emma recently spent a few days working behind the scenes in Waco with their blending team. Can’t spill the beans yet, but more good things are in store for Crowded Barrel.

Next, if you’re participating in the Tribe’s Quarterly Challenge, the "dry week" officially ends today (Friday) at noon. The Patreon Chiefs (and up) already have a DrinkStream (livestream) scheduled with Daniel and Rex today (the 7th) at 5 PM central standard time. A link to the DrinkStream will be dropped in a Patreon post before it goes live.

Also, Moochman happened. Last weekend’s Tribe channel was supposed to take a break from releasing new YouTube episodes, but the standard Q.C. content hiatus didn’t happen. Apparently, Rex gets weirder when he stops drinking whisk(e)y, and you can watch the episode set up a new shenanigan drenched story arc here.

Finally, rumor has it that a new Whiskey Tribe website is in the works. Hell - freaking - yes. If the website delivers even half of what Rex described to me - this is gonna be a helluva upgrade.

To things and happenings,

~ The Magnificent Bastard

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