As you may know, a distillery can only sell drinks in their tasting room that they’ve bottled under their own label.
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Friday, February 28th,2020
It’ll either be the world’s best, or the world’s worst label design for a bottled spirit.

As you may know, a distillery can only sell drinks in their tasting room that they’ve bottled under their own label. We’re keen on the idea of offering a full menu at the bar - or at least something close to full. A variety of cocktails and spirits just makes it more likely that your partner (accomplice) will enjoy the distillery experience with you.

But a bar menu with a broad selection is a little tricky when we’re unapologetically a WHISKEY distillery. Fast forward a bit, and we’re sourcing a couple spirit options so Crowded Barrel can stay laser focused on creating whiskey.

When Daniel and Rex asked the Tribe if they wanted to bother with voting on a few vodka decisions, most MB’s met the question with a thunderous indifference.


Fair enough.

Turns out, it’s good stuff as far as clear spirits go. We have to slap a label on the thing anyways, so the lads gave our new vodka all the focus and creative energy the Magnificent Bastards demanded.

Rex pulled out a sharpie and spent 3 minutes sketching out 2 possible vodka names.

It’ll either be called, "Silly Sauce" or "Silly Goose".

While Rex scribbled on the lettering, Daniel copied and pasted a sketch of a cartoon goose. Pretty sure it’s an obscure Disney character - which will definitely need to get tweaked prior to the label appearing on bottles. (Disney lawyers be a thirsty bunch.)

It was a super-brief exercise in nonsense and whimsy, but both labels were good enough to get federal approval… So, yah… Here you go.

Cheers to your inner goose.

~ The Magnificent Bastard

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Crowded Barrel Rocks Glass

Through the power of frickin’ lasers, a Crowded Barrel rune has imbued the bottom of this rocks glass with whisk(e)y spirit powers. Upon finishing your ice-cold drink, you’ll find the bear and eagle spirits raging in maelstrom of fangs and feathers. Grip it tight, MB. Only 1 thing that can soothe the ferocious beasts.

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