Three things. First up, a thick and meaty THANK YOU to all the Magnificent Bastards
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Friday, March 27th,2020
Three things.

First up, a thick and meaty THANK YOU to all the Magnificent Bastards who grabbed the 2 latest Crowded Barrel releases in record time. We were sold out in an hour-ish, which helped put our bartenders on more-solid footing while the tasting room remains closed.

Next, for everyone that didn’t get a chance to grab those whiskeys - we know that it’s frustrating. Regardless of the current situation, we’re still committed to ramping up Crowded Barrel’s output with a bigger still and upgraded equipment. The headwinds may be strong, but the Tribe has already stepped up - and we’re following your lead.

As long as our people are taken care of, we see no reason to stop moving forward. We’ll be communicating and working with suppliers as quickly (and responsibly) as we can. The progress may move slower than we’d like - but it’s moving nonetheless.

Finally, Rex and Daniel were building the Remembrance earlier this week. The first round of flags are in place, and the corresponding Whiskey Tribe episode will be released on YouTube in a little more than a week. To those unfamiliar, the Remembrance will be a dedicated section of the Crowded Barrel’s tallest exterior wall. It will feature handwritten names of the Tribe’s loved ones that are no longer with us - as well as major milestones in our lives.

Basically, it’s a place to honor the people that loved us, as well as the moments that made us. More details to come once the episode releases.

Forever forward, MB.

~ The Magnificent Bastard

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[+] A Pilgrimage To The Spiritual Home Of Speyside Whisky

It had rained the night before, rendering the Highlands wet and slushy. We could have quit, and called it a day, but decided to press on. We climbed aboard the 8-wheel Agrocat – a cross between a tank and a lunar buggy – and braced ourselves. The first phase was relatively simple, a gentle climb over the rolling Scottish Highlands…


[+] In Focus: English And Welsh Whisky

With just 20 years of distilling under their belts, in whisky terms, England and Wales are relative newcomers to the industry. Whisky distilling died out in both countries at the turn of the 20th century, and it wasn’t reborn until the dawn of the 21st century.

In 1903, the Lea Valley Distillery in Stratford was the last English whisky maker to turn off its stills…


[+] Why the World Overlooked Canadian Whisky

Canadian whisky is all contradictions. It’s unknown and yet somehow incredibly popular. It’s critically dismissed but wins global whiskey awards. It’s blended, which whiskey drinkers have been indoctrinated to think means it’s inferior, yet blending is what gives it its quality. Canadian whisky is among the most fascinating liquors on the market. And yet, chances are, if you’ve bought some, you did it by accident…

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