I was asked to write a description for the distillery’s About Us page.
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Friday, April 10th,2020
I was asked to write a description for the distillery’s About Us page. Actually, a sub-page in the About Us section. It’ll show up in the Tribe’s new website. There was so much to cover, the writing became a pretty intense exercise in what to leave out. With so much left unsaid, it almost felt like a disservice to not write a manifesto. What do you think? Did I at least cover the main bits of this ridiculous ride?

"The Crowded Barrel Whiskey Company is the world's first crowdsourced whiskey distillery - and the Whiskey Tribe is that crowd. At its core, Crowded Barrel is a distillery for the terminally curious. Beyond funding, our community decides what whiskey gets made, and how it gets made - but we don't stop there.

While many distilleries are held back by the whims of big-investors as they chase prestige or profit, thousands of Magnificent Bastards have stepped up and broken those traditional shackles. Based in central Texas, Crowded Barrel is financially backed by those whiskey lovers through Patreon (a funding platform), where behind the scenes content and conversations determine it's future.

No quarterly financial goals, no dusty dogma, no snobbery - our distillery is squarely aimed at exploring one question above all else, "What is whisk(e)y capable of?"

One week, we may poke at the gilded edges of an exquisite single malt with arched eyebrows and a pinky raised pedigree. The next may find us trying to wrestle and tame a feral budget bourbon. Can we blend, finish and proof that beast into a magnificent balance of affordability and deliciousness? Dunno, but we’re sure as hell gonna find out!

As we bob and weave our way through bottles, we’ve also opened the door to other whiskey makers. After all, the world of whisk(e)y is way bigger than anything we can fit in a single building - so why not collaborate with other distillers in a transparent way? When you consider the unique combination of ingredients, tools, climate and techniques behind each distillery, collaborating with allied whiskey makers just makes sense.

We’ll always love making our own whiskey - but sourcing, blending, finishing, and experimenting with someone else's best stuff is an explorer's dream. Maybe we mooch a single barrel unicorn from an award winning distillery. Or carefully piece together an international blend that yields a new and exotic creature, begging to be uncorked.

The possibilities are boundless, and the Crowded Barrel Whiskey Company is a grand experiment made for whiskey lovers, by whiskey lovers. Care to join us?"

I'm still not quite satisfied with it. It's got the biscuits but still needs some gravy, ya know?

~ The Magnificent Bastard

Let's Face it - You're A Bastard.
I Know It, You Know It.

But are you a Magnificent Bastard?

In this video, Rex and Daniel talk about The Whiskey Tribe - a big, salty and ridiculous community of whisk(e)y loving MB's. They've raised a whiskey freak-flag...

Is your inner bastard Magnificent enough to salute?

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Tribe's Toast Glencairn Rocks Glass

The Tribe brings the official Glencairn Rocks glass. Doesn't matter if you prefer it neat, sometimes comfort demands icy bits in your drink.
Top-notch Glencairn design, with a Magnificent note waiting for you at the bottom. It's like a cheat-sheet for your toast when you've tipped back 1 too many.

Completely shatter proof, as long as you don't drop it on anything hard.
Ian Piggott is our unofficial whiskey article curator. Basically he posts a bunch of great whiskey article links in the Facebook group, and we go steal them and post them in the newsletter. Thanks Ian :-)

[+] Lack Of Rules Threatens Japanese Whisky’s Reputation

As the Japanese whisky industry’s practice of blending imported liquid from other parts of the world becomes more commonly known, questions are being asked about brands’ claims of authenticity. The Spirits Business reports on a sector at a critical point in its global trajectory…


[+] Mixing Whisky With Scotch Harks Back To The Bad Old Days

Life often tells you that history repeats itself, or rather, it repeats itself in interesting new ways.

For instance, take the many reports that bulk shipments of blended Scotch to Japan have soared in recent years. One interpretation is that Japanese whisky makers cannot meet soaring demand for their whiskies and are adding Scotch to theirs to keep pace with the demand…


[+] Solution to Riddle of the Week: The Whisky and Water Problem

One way to approach this problem quickly is by thinking in extremes.

Suppose the spoon was the same size as the entire glass. In that case, putting Alan’s "spoonful" of whisky into Claire’s water would entail mixing both glasses together, leading to a mixture that’s half water and half whisky…

Where We're Going
+ How We'll Get There

There's a Magnificent Future being prepared for your Whiskey Tribe. We're aiming for piles of glory, meetups, quests, and a... sshh...


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