I’ve got 3 things for you. I wish it were just 2 things, but there’s a third thing. I wish it wasn’t a thing… but yah, it’s a thing.
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Friday, April 17th,2020
I’ve got 3 things for you. I wish it were just 2 things, but there’s a third thing. I wish it wasn’t a thing… but yah, it’s a thing.

First, the Whiskey Tribe channel blew past 200,000 subscribers this week when no one was looking. I always try to grab a screenshot when milestones like that happen across the community. Almost missed this one. The screenshot is below, and as of this writing the subs are somewhere around 203,000.

Thank YOU for helping make that my number 1 thing.

Next, Rex, Hands, and Fancy Dan are building a new Whisk(e)y-centric shooting zone in Rex’s studio. It’s still a work in progress, but I can tell you that several old whiskey barrels gave their lives for this design - so it better be good.

Last, I asked Daniel if he had anything timely or relevant to share here. His answer?

"I managed 11 days in a row without showering before anyone noticed. And I've taken up aerial silks."

Methinks the Hobbit may be getting a bit stir crazy whilst sheltering at home.

I had to google "aerial silks" by the way. It’s that thing where people (usually ladies) climb up a long piece of hanging fabric, and twist / roll / hang / twirl around in twinkly ways. Kind of like a ballerina trapped in a hanging quilt.

If any other person said that to me, I’d know they were joking. Having spent a few years getting to know, Daniel - I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty.

… He definitely stopped showering, and he’s definitely doing aerial silks.

~ Magnificent Bastard

Let's Face it - You're A Bastard.
I Know It, You Know It.

But are you a Magnificent Bastard?

In this video, Rex and Daniel talk about The Whiskey Tribe - a big, salty and ridiculous community of whisk(e)y loving MB's. They've raised a whiskey freak-flag...

Is your inner bastard Magnificent enough to salute?

Just watch this video (all the way):

Then request Whiskey Tribe FB group access here:

Whiskey Tribe Royal Blue T-Shirt

A pillar of poise. She stands alone before the thunderous throng of her Whiskey Tribe.

This gathering was unexpected. Unnerving rumors of foreign biscuits wars and new cults wash over an anxious community.

Finally…"Heed my words you Magnificent Bastards!!!", Emma roars.

Within seconds the Tribe is calm, stoic. (except for Schwab - he never shuts up.)

"You know me and my prowess upon the battlefield. Together, with sharp glasses and strong armor - we have slain many whiskeys! But truly I ask you… why are our t-shirts always black?!"

Eventually, MB’s begin to reply...
"But I like black!"
"It’s slimming!"
"All my other t-shirts are black!"

"Steady yourself Tribe!" She replies. "Answer me just 1 question… Are we the black t-shirt Tribe, or are we the Whisk(e)y Tribe!?"

Through the murmurs and confusion, she hears a lone Magnificent Bastard mumble to himself, "I guess color is OK sometimes…"

"Good enough!" She yells. "The newest t-shirt is BBLLUEEE!"

She’s immediately met by thousands of blank stares...

"... and drinks are on me!!!" The Tribe explodes into a celebration of clinking glasses, Spirit Animals, and rowdy toasts about all things blue.
Ian Piggott is our unofficial whiskey article curator. Basically he posts a bunch of great whiskey article links in the Facebook group, and we go steal them and post them in the newsletter. Thanks Ian :-)

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