This weekend’s Whiskey Tribe episode will be an interesting experiment. From what Rex says, it’s a big behind-the-scenes look at stuff that usually happens when the cameras are off.
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Friday, May 8th,2020
This weekend’s Whiskey Tribe episode will be an interesting experiment.

From what Rex says, it’s a big behind-the-scenes look at stuff that usually happens when the cameras are off. There’s no shortage of ball-busting and shenanigans, but there’s also a thick dose of businessy conversations. If you’re curious about the inner-workings, it’ll be an interesting peek.

Speaking of businessy things, if you haven’t voiced your support for Texas Craft Distillers - it takes less than 19 seconds to help save Texas Whiskey here (TX residents):

I never like to weigh in on political scenes, but the situation is getting dire for some distillers.

Over 10,000 people have already clicked the link and asked the Governor of Texas to let distilleries do…

  1. Direct-To-Consumer, age verified shipping
  2. Let customers get more than 2 bottles every 30 days at a distillery.
  3. In-county delivery

Still no reply. You can see Daniel talk a bit about this in a recent video here:

Other countries and states have been doing these things for ages, and this solution would be incredibly simple - if common sense wasn’t at odds with campaign contributions.

Thank you to all the Magnificent Bastards who have kept us on stable footing through thick and thin. If there’s a way for us to help other whiskey-makers weather the storm - I’m in.

~ Magnificent Bastard

Let's Face it - You're A Bastard.
I Know It, You Know It.

But are you a Magnificent Bastard?

In this video, Rex and Daniel talk about The Whiskey Tribe - a big, salty and ridiculous community of whisk(e)y loving MB's. They've raised a whiskey freak-flag...

Is your inner bastard Magnificent enough to salute?

Just watch this video (all the way):

Then request Whiskey Tribe FB group access here:

Whiskey Tribe Royal Blue T-Shirt

A pillar of poise. She stands alone before the thunderous throng of her Whiskey Tribe.

This gathering was unexpected. Unnerving rumors of foreign biscuits wars and new cults wash over an anxious community.

Finally…"Heed my words you Magnificent Bastards!!!", Emma roars.

Within seconds the Tribe is calm, stoic. (except for Schwab - he never shuts up.)

"You know me and my prowess upon the battlefield. Together, with sharp glasses and strong armor - we have slain many whiskeys! But truly I ask you… why are our t-shirts always black?!"

Eventually, MB’s begin to reply...
"But I like black!"
"It’s slimming!"
"All my other t-shirts are black!"

"Steady yourself Tribe!" She replies. "Answer me just 1 question… Are we the black t-shirt Tribe, or are we the Whisk(e)y Tribe!?"

Through the murmurs and confusion, she hears a lone Magnificent Bastard mumble to himself, "I guess color is OK sometimes…"

"Good enough!" She yells. "The newest t-shirt is BBLLUEEE!"

She’s immediately met by thousands of blank stares...

"... and drinks are on me!!!" The Tribe explodes into a celebration of clinking glasses, Spirit Animals, and rowdy toasts about all things blue.
Ian Piggott is our unofficial whiskey article curator. Basically he posts a bunch of great whiskey article links in the Facebook group, and we go steal them and post them in the newsletter. Thanks Ian :-)

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[+] For Cinco De Mayo, This Mexican Whisky Is A New Way To Celebrate

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Abasolo is a new-to-the-market spirit that claims to be the first of its kind in many respects…


[+] Raise A Glass To The Unseen Spirits And Ghostly Presences Roaming Certain Scottish Distilleries

Distilleries are well down the list of haunted buildings, yet unseen presences and other spooky events affect several Scottish distilleries.

Also, countless distilleries have closed and been demolished since 1900, many possibly with resident spectres who are now, sadly, homeless…

Where We're Going
+ How We'll Get There

There's a Magnificent Future being prepared for your Whiskey Tribe. We're aiming for piles of glory, meetups, quests, and a... sshh...


You can learn more about it here:

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