Earlier this week, Emma (Crowded Barrel Distillery Manager / Blender) was blending some upcoming releases up at Ironroot.
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Friday, May 15th,2020
Earlier this week, Emma (Crowded Barrel Distillery Manager / Blender) was blending some upcoming releases up at Ironroot. It’s easy to forget that they recently won best bourbon of the year. Aren’t elite level professionals supposed to be inaccessible and stuffy?

Those guys are too likable to have the best anything.

Come to think of it, Emma was recently doing the same thing over at Balcones. They get her fresh perspective, and she brings home a bit of their award winning sorcery.

I have a feeling she’s going to need it.

Crowded Barrel is plotting its first big retail whiskey release, and the lads made her head blender for the project (as seen in the last Tribe video). She has the technical chops, but it’s Crowded Barrel’s biggest project to date. It’ll definitely be a long haul, but I gotta tell ya - that girl is relentless.

Shifting into things that come sooner-rather-than-later, your Jerkum barrel whiskey is getting bottled. What started as a gigglefest (heheheheh, jerkum) quickly turned into a barrel purchase.

Based on the nose, the jerkum finish (heheh) turned into an exotic and supremely interesting whiskey. I smelled a fruitiness so dark it’d make a sherry cask whisk(e)y seem like a sippy cup full of watered down sprite.

Maybe... Again, that’s just based on the nose. I’ll confirm with a pour as soon as this dry week ends at noon today. (Friday, central standard time)

(Flawless segue incoming)

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