Well it’s about damn time. We’re finally ready and able to re-open the distillery and welcome you Magnificent Bastards
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Friday, June 5th,2020
Well it’s about damn time.

We’re finally ready and able to re-open the distillery and welcome you Magnificent Bastards (and your cohorts) to the Crowded Barrel Whiskey Company in South Austin, TX.

The standard safety guidelines will be in place, and the tasting room experience has been slightly modified to meet the times. Fortunately, there’s a huge deck for you to sit on outside the tasting room - which makes the whole endeavor much easier.

On behalf of the video and distillery teams, thank you for helping us weather this storm. I know the skies still aren’t completely clear, but we have fared better than most - and it’s the strength of this community that keeps us pointed in the right direction.

Speaking of which, while the tasting room was closed, the bartenders took a hit in their pocketbooks. (a closed bar means no tips.) A few weeks ago, Rex and Daniel did a livestream and aimed the resulting donations (super-chats) at the bartenders’ tip jar. As you can imagine, a legion of Magnificent Bastards stepped up to help fill the shortfall.

The generosity was beyond overwhelming, and the lads couldn’t keep up with the shout-outs and thank-you’s during the livestream. BUT, they made a new video that specifically gives direct shout-outs and thank-yous to everyone who donated to the bar-staff during the livestream here:

Beyond that, I want to extend our appreciation to the 36 Texas Lawmakers who put pen to paper and agreed that a craft distillery should be able to sell more than 2 bottles to a customer every 30 days. The fight isn't over, but the momentum is growing. If you’re so inclined, you can find their names here:

Finally, Rex is floating an experimental Whiskey Tribe video idea tomorrow. We want to know if it has enough juice to kick off a new series - so be sure to check out the Tribe’s channel on Saturday morning and thumbs up that thing if you’re into it.

Feels like wind in the sails y’all...

~ Magnificent Bastard

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Crowded Barrel Rocks Glass

Through the power of frickin’ lasers, a Crowded Barrel rune has imbued the bottom of this rocks glass with whisk(e)y spirit powers. Upon finishing your ice-cold drink, you’ll find the bear and eagle spirits raging in maelstrom of fangs and feathers. Grip it tight, MB. Only 1 thing that can soothe the ferocious beasts.

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