The decision to select the new beating heart of the PweeBle’s distillery is drawing nigh...
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Friday, July 10th,2020
We’re at a crossroads.

The decision to select the new beating heart of the PweeBle’s distillery is drawing nigh. So which still will the Magnificent Bastards choose? Earlier this week, the MB’s behind Crowded Barrel were presented with 3 still options - and an invitation to research their brains out. But a decision this big can't be tossed into a simple poll, can it?

No, it cannot.

That’s why Daniel and Rex will be hosting a special Patreon livestream this afternoon (4:00pm Central. July 10, 2020) to discuss all the questions and comments about Crowded Barrel’s still options. After the live stream, the discussion will continue a few more days until finally…

a vote.
a result.
a small step for distilling.
a giant leap for bastard-kind.

Can you smell that, MB? Breathe deep. Concentrate past that thick dose of hyperbole I just spackled under your nose. Are you getting it? Considering the across-the-board improvements that a bigger still brings to production, experimentation, tasting room experiences, and content creation - this isn’t just equipment...

This is a big, smoldering copper beast - pumping pure spirit and liquid legend through its veins.

Here’s to choosing well,

~ Magnificent Bastard

Let's Face it - You're A Bastard.
I Know It, You Know It.

But are you a Magnificent Bastard?

In this video, Rex and Daniel talk about The Whiskey Tribe - a big, salty and ridiculous community of whisk(e)y loving MB's. They've raised a whiskey freak-flag...

Is your inner bastard Magnificent enough to salute?

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Crowded Barrel T-Shirt

Hate to say it, but ceremonial whisk(e)y cult robes just aren’t appropriate in some situations. Crazy. I know.

Fortunately, the sleek and stylish Crowded Barrel t-shirt is here to rock the full spectrum of Magnificence in a more subtle form.

Upfront, the bear and eagle whisk(e)y spirits offer +9 arcane shielding over your heart. The back takes it up a notch with a giant sigil CB sigil. It comes fully powered up, and ready to launch your Magnificent butt into rare pours and sketchy shenanigans.
Ian Piggott is our unofficial whiskey article curator. Basically he posts a bunch of great whiskey article links in the Facebook group, and we go steal them and post them in the newsletter. Thanks Ian :-)

[+] The Last Drop’s 1970 Glenrothes Single Malts And A Mystery Of Whisky

Science has helped us figure out a lot of whisky’s secrets over the last couple of decades. Gas chromatographs can show us precisely the proportions of flavor-creating compounds in a sample of “new make” spirit, allowing us to make educated guesses as to how it will mature into whisky over time in an oak barrel.

Carbon-dating can tell us whether radioactive particles are present in a bottle of whisky claimed to be from before World War II, and the existence of those isotopes can definitively prove whether that claim is the truth or a fraud…


[+] 90 Years Later, Prohibition Officially Ending In Mississippi

The state of Mississippi is officially ending Prohibition, almost 90 years after alcohol was legalized in the United States.

A new law allowing the possession of alcohol in every county in Mississippi was signed into law by Gov. Tate Reeves on Tuesday. It will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2021…


[+] Whisky Galore: Scotch From Sunken Ship Put Up For Auction

A RARE bottle of sunken Scotch salvaged from the shipwreck which inspired Whisky Galore could fetch £10,000 at auction.

The bottle was recovered from the wreck of the SS Politician off the shores of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides after it ran aground in bad weather in 1941…

Where We're Going
+ How We'll Get There

There's a Magnificent Future being prepared for your Whiskey Tribe. We're aiming for piles of glory, meetups, quests, and a... sshh...


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